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green is for everyone An organic process, 100% Natural and biodegradable! Our creations are realized with live lichen, plants.


Marlo Srl was born in 2008 in Italy, provides a wide range of flowers, leaves, trees, dials and decorations with raw materials stabilized with high quality.

Our philosophy

Marlo’s objective is to offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a genuine natural oasis within the House, the office, hotel, restaurant or commercial space, in an environmentally friendly and economic way.

Preserved greenery

What is it?

The preservation of the plants is a unique and ecological process that consists in substituting the sap with a preservative: a substance that is similar to sugar, 100% biodegradable.

The sap is completely evaporated in order to give way to a mixture of natural glycerin, water and food coloring.

Thanks to the preservation the plants and foliage are able to preserve their natural flexibility and freshness without any maintenance.

Our creations are realized with live lichen, plants and foliage placed through a preservation process: products that are organic, 100% natural and biodegradable.

Not for external use

Exposure to UV rays is not recommended because, as with any organic but inert product, UV rays will accelerate the process of decay and aging of the product. Do not spray or immerse our walls in water or other liquids. You do not need to do anything to maintain them.

For Internal use Only

The preserved greenery is only suitable for indoor use. It does not require natural light and can remain in the dark.

Minimum humidity of 30%

Our products have been treated to last over time at a humidity rate of at least 30%. The maximum level of humidity that is tolerated by the walls with moss and foliage is 70%. For walls with lichen the level is 95%.


Our plant walls are created utilizing standard sized panels and custom sized panels according to your wall measurements.

– For walls with lichen and foliage the standard panels are 115X75 cm. – For walls with lichen the standard panels are 75X75 cm.

The greenery is supported by panels in MDF or PALFOAM (PVC) that are 3 to 10 mm thick. They can easily be applied on any surface.

No maintenance, no cleaning, no water watering.

Once our plant wall is installed, there is nothing to worry about. Just follow 3 basic rules (minimum humidity, no watering, no UV rays). The walls and preserved plants are not static, so it will not attract dust.

Extremely durable

All the greenery products used to realize our creations are treated and produced directly by our own artisans with a strict control of the preservation process that allows us to monitor the source. The product is thoroughly cleaned of all its external agents or other vegetable or animal residues.

By following the basic rules of maintenance (minimum humidity, no watering, no UV rays) the product will have a guaranteed long life of 7 years, however it keeps much longer then our guarantee period.



Eight types of preserved greenery to satisfy any decorative needs. From walls to ceilings, anything can be decorated with the most suitable greenery. Choose what green are you or use them all in different areas of your personal space for a special effect!





Moss and Leaves



Lichen and Leaves




Ball moss







Are you interested in live green?

Marlo s.r.l.
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22041 Colverde (CO) – ITALIA

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